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Tax Issue Solutions for Individuals & Businesses

State and federal tax issues can arise through errors, omissions, failure to meet deadlines, and in other situations. You may have missed estimated tax payments as an individual or a business owner or failed to file state or federal returns for one reason or another.

Failure to address tax matters can result in penalties, accumulated interest, letters from government tax agencies, and more leading to stress and anxiety. Dealing with state and federal tax agencies and their required forms can be daunting, confusing, intimidating, and tedious.

It is not something you will want to do by yourself. That is why we recommend you get the professional help you need in solving tax issues.

At Cerbone Law Firm, we provide in-house tax service representation in the form of a CPA who can review your tax issue to devise the best plan of action for addressing it. Our firm can provide services such as determining your actual tax liability, negotiating your individual case with state or federal tax authorities, and securing the best possible reduction and repayment installment plan that would be acceptable to the tax agency.

No matter what issue you may facing as an individual or business, our firm can carefully review, analyze, and assist you in resolving it through viable options.

Are you facing a state or federal tax issue? Reach out to Cerbone Law Firm for professional help at (732) 402-0088 or by providing your contact details online. Your initial consultation is free.

New Jersey State & Federal Tax Issues We Handle

Tax issues can vary widely depending on whether you are an individual dealing with your personal taxes or a business dealing with the various taxes involved in your enterprise, such as payroll taxes, sales taxes, corporate taxes, and more.

At Cerbone Law Firm, we can provide professional help with:

  • Failure to file federal taxes with the IRS
  • Failure to file state taxes with the State of New Jersey’s Department of the Treasury
  • State or federal tax audits
  • Offers in Compromise that are agreements with the IRS that settle your tax liability for less than the total that you owe
  • Payroll tax issues for business owners
  • Installment agreements and payment plans

Tax Issues in New Jersey Explained

It is important to understand that, once you have failed to file state and/or federal tax returns, both interest and penalties are applied that can severely increase your tax debt. If these arrearages are not satisfied, additional penalties and interest continue to accrue.

This can lead to major stress for you or your business. A dreaded IRS audit is another matter that can put you in a state of undue stress. The IRS can actually take your wages, bank account, and other assets without even having an initial hearing. Speaking with our attorney along with access to CPA advice can lead to an appropriate course of action which may include bankruptcy to cancel or pay off your debt in three to five years.

All of these types of tax issues call for the services of a professional who is trained and highly-knowledgeable in handling them and who understands how to effectively negotiate with tax agencies when needed. Such issues can be resolved through efficient means after a careful review to determine your situation, what your options may be, and what you qualify for in resolving them with the appropriate tax agency.

Taking On Your State or Federal Tax Burden

Our firm can take on the tax burden you face to relieve you of the stress of having to deal with the IRS or other tax agency. Whether you need help understanding or responding to a state or federal tax notice, managing a situation involving a tax lien or back taxes owed, working out a tax settlement, or resolving some other tax issue, we urge you to speak with our tax law professional to learn your options and how best to move forward.

Contact our Wall, NJ tax law lawyer online or at (732) 402-0088 for a free consultation today.

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